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Here ComeS the Sun Dried Tomato Pesto Hummus

Here comes the sun! This bright and bold hummus will have you singing notes of joy! Pesto and Sun-Dried Tomato take this spread to the next level and are a perfect complement to a bruschetta or antipasto platter!

Holy Ghost Pepper


Holy Ghost Pepper, do we have a hummus for you! A combination of rich delicious hummus with a sharp kick of zesty spice that only the ghost pepper can bring! This flavor will take you close to the flame without getting burnt. Dip into this fresh fiery flavor and experience the oh so good heat!


& Chill Hummus

Bright and fresh, our Avocado hummus is a perfect compliment to pair with your fiesta favorites! It's rich and cool taste is seductively addictive and will make your companions green with envy!! Enjoy as a dip or spread, this masterfully made spread is waiting for you to take home!

Everything, Everything


Ever dip your everything bagel in hummus and think, man, I wish there was a flavor for this? Look no further!! A relationship made in heaven, this hummus is everything you have every wanted and more! This mouthwatering sensation has the essence of an everything bagel folded into every spreadable, dippable bite.

Here's Hummus

& It's Garlic!

The next greatest weapon against the Vampires! Hiding in plain sight, this super hero hummus flavor is all about the garlic! Every bite will give you an extra boost of garlicy garliciness that will blow the undead back six- feet under!

SirIus Black Bean Hummus

This flavor has also been freed from Azkaban! This notorious taste sensation has a dark and delicious past and is a favorite amongst the Order of the Phoenix. Fresh black beans are blended with our rich hummus to create a magically delicious snack!

Sweet Dreams Potato Hummus

Pour some sugar on me! This sweet potato hummus is decadently sweet and delicious with the pure flavor and colorful vibrancy of a sweet potato. This striking indulgence will be a perfect saccharine song for all you sweet treat lovers and evoke a tasty thanksgiving memory!

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